6 de diciembre de 2012

camel shuffle

                                                                                             AMAR SUNDY “Camel Shuffle”
A descendant of a long line of Tuareg nomads from the Tamanrasset province in southern Algeria, Amar Sundy was raised in France but returned to the desert mountains of Algeria in his late teens to explore his cultural roots. Upon his return to Paris, he began playing guitar in subway stations and eventually became a regular performer in Parisian clubs. In 1986, he moved to Chicago and apprenticed himself to several leading American blues artists including Albert King. In the early 1990s, he returned to Paris, where he continues to combine the powerful Chicago blues guitar style with the earthy grooves of desert blues.
“Camel Shuffle” appeared on Sundy’s 2009 release, Sadaka
Possessing a guitar style that brings to mind blues greats such
 as his mentor Albert King, Sundy finds the musical common 
ground between the ethereal flute and driving hand 
percussion of North Africa and the funky, soulful side of the blues.

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