13 de octubre de 2012

desolation row - bob dylan


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  1. Keep punching joe

    Keep Punching Joe - Hi How Are You (1983)

    Ladies and gentlemen. He headed out West looking for the best.
    And he's here tonight because he's got a lot to get off his chest.
    Here he is, ladies and gentlemen. None other than Daniel D Johnston
    Thank you. Thank you very much for that lovely introduction. Thank you very much.

    a one, a two, a one, a two

    Listen, folks, I gotta tell you now
    I've been singing the blues and walking the cow
    I tell you my soul's like running water
    Hot or cold now one or the other

    I guess I lean toward the excessive
    But that's just the way it is
    When you're a manic depressive

    An angel appeared to me and told me
    If you want love you gotta give
    Let me tell you now it's been a long hard summer
    And I feel every bit, every bit more dumber

    Don't know where it is I'm gonna go
    Heard somebody say 'keep punching, Joe'
    Keep punching, Joe
    Keep punching, Joe
    Keep punching
    Dial 'P' for pest control

    Ah. Now let me tell you about my family
    You know they've been right there beside me
    Through all this time that I've been low
    They've been punching Joe

    Keep Punching Joe
    Kick him right in the face!

    Keep Punching Joe
    Kick him. when he's down

    Keep Punching Joe
    Kick him. Kick him when he's low.

    I've got something to get off my chest
    I've got something to get off my chest
    Yes, I've got something to get off my chest
    How am I supposed to give love
    If I never got love
    And what the heck am I punching for
    And how am I to look God in the face
    When I feel so much disgrace?
    Now, that's better off my chest
    Than out of my mind.
    Keep punching, Joe! Woo!


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